Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a room or unit?

Simply complete an Application Form and, once approved, you will be asked to pay a holding deposit equivalent to 6 weeks rental (for shared accommodation, this will be based on your first room preference). Once the holding deposit has been paid, a room or unit will be reserved in anticipation for your upcoming arrival. 

How much is a room or unit and how much is the student discount?

Please click here for our current rental pricing.

Do I have to be a student to apply for accommodation?

No. Students and non students are both welcome. However, if you wish to claim the student rental discount then you will need to be enrolled or an affiliate of either UniSQ, TAFE or another approved education provider. You will be asked to supply documentation that confirms your current study or employment status prior to your arrival. 

What does non-student mean?

A non-student is anyone other than a student.

What forms/agreement do I need to sign prior to, or on arrival?

Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, upon your arrival you are required to complete a:

Rooming Accommodation Agreement

(Form R18)

• Bond Lodgement (Form 2)

• Condition Report (Form R1)

What is a rental bond? 

A rental bond is money paid by a tenant at the start of their Rooming Accommodation Agreement (Form R18). It is used as financial protection for a landlord in case of breaches of the terms of the Rooming Accommodation Agreement (R18). It is paid in addition to rent and refunded at the end of the Rooming Accommodation Agreement (R18), provided there are no arrears owing to your landlord on departure. A bond is held by the Residential Tenancies Authority, not the landlord and is a legal requirement as per the Residential Tenancies Authority.

What is a Rooming Accommodation Agreement (R18)?

A Rooming Accommodation Agreement (R18) is a legally binding contract between the tenant (you) and the property manager/owner (Student Village) which outlines the rights and responsibilities of the tenant and property manager/owner. It includes standards terms like rent, how it is to be paid and when it is to be paid and any special terms relevant to the accommodation. Both parties are required to sign the Rooming Accommodation Agreement (R18) and retain a copy.

How long can I stay?

There are no limits on the length of your stay as long as you have a current lease agreement with us.

Is there a set date that I need to start my tenancy or can I nominate the date I will arrive? 

There is no set date that you are required to arrive. Your Rooming Accommodation Agreement (R18) will commence from the day you arrive. We do request that you advise of your arrival date and time at least one week prior to arrival.

Can I view an example of a room?

You are welcome to attend or office where one of our friendly staff members would be happy to show you an example of our rooms. Alternatively, view our gallery.

Can I choose who I live with in shared accommodation? 

You are welcome to advise the names of any friends you wish to be accommodated with when applying for a single room, however, due to the availability at the time of application, we are unable to guarantee that you will accommodated together. We will endeavour to make every effort to place you in the same unit as your friends. However, if you would like to guarantee that you are able to live in the same unit as your friends, you are welcome to apply for an exclusive unit rental.

Do you have rooms for couples in shared accommodation?

The Student Village has larger rooms for couples available with double beds. 

What’s included in my rent? 

All utilities (gas, water and electricity) are included in the rent for single rooms (shared accommodation). An exclusive unit rental does not include utilities, which are charged as per the unit usage on a monthly basis. 

How do I pay my rent?

Our preferred method of payment is Webpay via our website. Your payment password is available on arrival. Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard), Internet Banking or Direct Deposit into our bank account are also accepted methods of payment.

Where is the Student Village located?

The Student Village is located at 537-561 West St, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia. The closest major international airports are Brisbane International Airport (BNE) and Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport (WTB).

How do I walk to the USQ from the Student Village?

The Student Village has direct gate access to UniSQ.

Is a room reserved on submission of my application?

A room is only reserved and confirmed once we have received a holding deposit.

What is a Villa?

All our villas consist of 3 bedrooms and one bathroom on a single level.

What is a Townhouse?

Our Townhouses consist of either 4 of 5 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms on two levels.

What is shared accommodation?

Shared accommodation means renting a private, secure bedroom in a Townhouse and sharing the common area facilities such as bathroom, laundry, living, kitchen and dining areas with other tenants. Tenants for each Townhouse are allocated by Management with one (1) rental agreement per bedroom. Short and long-term rental options are available.

What is an exclusive use unit?

Exclusive use means renting the entire unit for one weekly fee. We offer furnished and unfurnished options. Utilities (gas, water and electricity) are charged on a monthly basis.

What is a short term rental?

Short term accommodation is accommodation for less than 6 months. Please refer to our short stay rentals page for further details. 

Are all units fully furnished?

All shared accommodation is furnished. Exclusive units may be furnished or unfurnished.

Our furnished units include a fridge/freezer, microwave and oven. There is a dining table/chairs, heater, lounges and TV in the common area with the bedrooms having a bed and mattress, study desk and chair, bookshelf and wardrobe. A vacuum cleaner is also supplied.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your personal:

• towels

• blankets/quilts

• sheets

• mattress protector

• pillows

crockery/cutlery & cooking utensils

• toiletries

• personal clothing

• coat hangers

• cleaning products

What am I not allowed to bring?

We do not allow (including but not limited to):

• personal heaters or air conditioners

• any illegal item

• fireworks

• BBQ/portable gas cookers

• candles/incense

• skateboards, roller-blades, non-electric scooters etc

Is there an onsite laundry?

Our Laundromat is centrally located within the grounds and conveniently open 24/7 with washing machines and dryers from $3 per use. Clothes lines are available adjacent to the Laundromat and scattered throughout the complex within easy reach of the units.

What internet options are available?

We do not supply the internet, however each room has internet capability for a connection and is NBN ready. Contact your provider for connection. We recommend the use of USB wireless internet as you are able to take it with you when you depart. 

Can I have visitors in my unit (shared accommodation)?

For shared accommodation, visitors are allowed in the common areas of a unit between 8am and 10pm providing they do not interfere with the peace, comfort and privacy of other tenants within your unit and/or neighbouring units.

Can I smoke at the Student Village?

Smoking inside and outside units is strictly prohibited. It is a serious fire hazard and a health issue for fellow tenants. You may only smoke in designated areas, located throughout our grounds.

Do you allow pets?

For health and safety reasons and the well-being of animals, pets are not permitted. Pets include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, birds, fish and turtles. In order to protect our wildlife, feeding is discouraged.

Is there public transport close by?

There is a bus stop located at our entrance with regular bus services to various locations throughout Toowoomba. 

Is there parking available?

Yes there is parking available. Each unit has a single lock-up garage available for all tenants of the unit. There is also ample off-street parking available throughout the complex for approved tenant cars only. Visitors must park in the carpark at the entry of the complex. 

Who is responsible for cleaning my room/unit?

Tenants are responsible for cleaning their room and the common areas of the unit. We are happy to provide a cleaning service to assist you, if required (fee applies). 

Is there after hours security?

Security is available outside of office hours for emergencies and breaches of security. A local security firm is contracted to do regular patrols and assist with the safety and security of tenants outside of office hours.

What happens if I break something?

Repairs and replacements from fair wear and tear are included, otherwise, the tenant/s involved shall be responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement. Please refer to the House Rules for further clarification. 

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

If your circumstances change and you need to cancel your reservation, contact us. If we have held a reservation for you in good faith, a cancellation fee from $100.00 may apply for 4 weeks notice or from $200 for 2 weeks notice or less for shared accommodation. Cancellation fees from $395 for exclusive units.